Back-Office Support

With Telco Connection, you receive innovative back-office support that goes beyond just selling you minutes.

While most of our competitors are giving their customers limited support, we offer a full range of back-office services meant to drive your business towards success.


Better Number Provisioning

Telco Connection offers toll-free number provisioning that reaches outside our current carriers. Our system optimizes toll-free number administration to move beyond our walls and cover all carriers.   (I get lost in hear.  What are we trying to say?)


Cost Analysis Service

We evaluate the call detail records and issue you an extensive cost analysis to reduce your per-minute cost.


Least Cost Routing

Telco Connection helps build least cost routing (LCR) maps, covering multiple carriers, to ensure that you get the most cost-effective service. We can provide multiple maps to maximize your savings as well based off different calling patterns.


Service Management System

All of our numbers load through the SMS (Service Management System) template management service for toll-free number administration, providing security, ease, and fast processing.


RespOrg ID

Telco Connection offers each customer a unique RespOrg ID, which is the key to proper use and administration of toll-free numbers through valid call routing.

While other companies are offering the bare minimum, Telco Connection provides its customers with comprehensive back-office support.