There is more to the toll-free number process than most people realize. In fact, there is an entire underworld, which few ever see, that is dedicated to the administration and management of toll-free numbers. In the middle of it all are several layers of service providers who are responsible for the management and routing of toll-free numbers and calls.

About the Toll-Free Process

Toll-free numbers are centralized through the Service Management System, or SMS. All service providers use SMS/800 to verify number availability and to facilitate call processing via the service control points, which are database systems that contain the instructions for routing calls. With Telco Connection as your partner, you will receive the following:

  • Access to an existing inventory of available toll-free numbers.
  • A unique RespOrg ID, which puts you in charge of the routing for each number.
  • VoIP connectivity, which is by far the most stable telecommunications platform available.
  • Competitive wholesale rates: we offer least cost routing (LCR) to find the most cost-effective carrier.
  • Full back office support, because our services go beyond just selling minutes.

Telco Connection currently deals primarily in the wholesale arena of the toll-free industry. This means we provide services to resellers and carriers who manage their own customer base, which is comprised of other carriers or enterprises.  Every time a company flashes a toll-free number to its customers, that company is an enterprise using a wholesale service provider to manage its telecommunications.

Toll-free is our business.  We provide toll-free solutions individualized to the needs of our clients and, at the end of the day, our ultimate goal is to provide quality and cost-effective toll-free service to wholesalers and enterprises.