Telco Connection currently manages more than 750,000 toll-free numbers, with an excess of 100 million minutes of usage. We provide direct connections with tier 1 carriers and no third-party switch. Instead, we use our vendors’ switching equipment for toll-free services. With no need to maintain any switching equipment, we offer the lowest prices in the industry.

At Telco Connection, we are the toll-free service link between carriers and competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), resellers, and other carriers.  We also serve as the link between carriers and customers.

Founded by telecommunications expert David Singer, Telco Connection has been serving the toll-free industry since 2010. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality service and products while maintaining the most aggressive pricing on the market. Companies looking to provide customers with innovative and workable toll-free service will want to look closely at what Telco Connection has to offer.

When considering a toll-free service provider, there are a number of questions you should ask yourself first:

  • Do you have a lot of toll-free usage?
  • Do you control your own RespOrg?
  • Are you interested in reducing costs with redundant carrier solutions?

If this sounds like you, click here to learn more about how Telco Connection can help and what your options are.

About Founder David Singer

David has spent 38 years utilizing his training as an electrical engineer to build the skills it takes to run a company like Telco Connection. As both a customer service and support specialist, he has compiled an extensive toolbox to create positive telecom solutions, and, as our Chief Connector, he continues to expand the capabilities of the company.

Throughout those 38 years, David has acquired over 25 years in the telecom industry and reached many milestones on his path to Telco Connection.

  • Prior to moving to Southern California in 1983, he spent a combined 18 years in the automotive, printing, and semiconductor industries.
  • For much of the 1980s, he traveled throughout the Far East and the United States, training technicians and engineers about how to improve their operations and customer support.
  • As the founder of ATI in 1991, a company that worked with master agents, he saw his business honored by Inc., which ranked ATI in the 41st position on its annual list of America’s 500 fastest-growing private companies in 2004.

Through Telco Connection, David applies his unique vision to deliver the communications services that today’s entrepreneurs and emerging companies need. His “secret sauce” is a passion for not only great pricing but also for excellent, personal service.

David’s vision for Telco Connection remains in perfect harmony with what modern business owners want. When not spinning miracles in the office, David is an avid gardener and father with a love for living and working in the rural countryside of Orange County.