Resp Org/SMS LCR

In the world of telecommunication and toll-free service, RespOrg is a term that pops up often. It stands for responsible organization and refers to the party that manages toll-free numbers. As of 1993, end-users have the right to select a RespOrg to work with and to transfer their personal 10-digit toll-free numbers to that organization’s control.

With the Telco RespOrg service, you will receive your own RespOrg ID, putting you in charge of each of your toll-free phone numbers. The process goes something like this:

  • Telco Connection issues you a distinct RespOrg ID.
  • Telco sends a request to your current RespOrg to transfer the toll-free number you use to your new individual RespOrg ID. This gives you control over that number.
  • Telco Connection forwards the routing data for the toll-free numbers to the Service Management System (SMS) and enables you to manage your telecom costs more efficiently by utilizing least cost routing.

About Least Cost Routing

Another common term in the toll-free number industry, least cost routing (LCR) refers to providing customers with the most cost-effective route for outbound SMS traffic. This automated function gives the number holder a chance to pick from the best prices available on the market.

Telco Connection takes a multi-carrier approach to routing, which means that Telco looks at options outside your current carriers to ensure the most effective rates each time. The result is that you have large cost reductions on your usage and you have redundant carriers.

The benefits of the Telco Connection RespOrg/SMS LCR solution include these:

  • Significant savings on toll-free number traffic costs.
  • Redundant carriers.
  • Decision making control over carrier route mapping.
  • An individual RespOrg ID number.

We pride ourselves on competitive rates and quality service. RespOrg/SMS LCR is just another example of why we know what the modern business needs from its toll-free service.